Power Forwards the Bulls are Considering

The Chicago Bulls have many needs they wish to upgrade from offensive minded post players to swingman shooters. Yesterday I looked at some of the players the Bulls seemed to target. Today I look at a few power forwards who I like which may be available when the bulls draft today (with their 16th pick) which could potentially help the Bulls biggest weakness and need, a power forward/center. My favorite big guys are Blake Griffin and Jordan Hill. Because the Bulls don’t have the first overall pick like last year to draft Blake Griffin or a top five pick to take Jordan Hill here are some other power forwards who may be available to help the Bulls.

James Johnson- A 6’8 forward who can play both the small and power forward spots. He has a big wingspan and has great scoring ability. He could be the biggest offensive player of all of the players I am mentioning.

DeJuan Blair- A undersized 6’7 power forward that has great leadership skills and makes the most of what he has. Blair is a safe steady pick who doesn’t have a high ceiling, but you know what you get. A smart, steady basketball player.

Tyler Hansbrough- A 6’9 forward, like Blair he is undersized, but he can shoot. Hansbrough had a great College career, but many doubt he can take it to the next level. This is because of his lack of athleticism. He has a great work ethic and is a smart basketball player. He was a great shooter, rebounder, and free throw shooter in College. Thus, I think he will do better than people think and be a good role player off the bench, if not better.

Earl Clark- He is 6’10 and a skilled Offensive player and also athletic. This combination makes him intriguing.

Out of these four power forwards I don’t know who would be the best fit for the Bulls if there their still available when we draft. Blair is the safest choice, Johnson is very offensive minded, and Earl Clark has a great make up and could be a great fit for the Bulls, but still needs to develop.


The 'Bright' One said...

I'm starting to like Johnson which is really strange cause i never saw him play in college. Seems to have the most upside

Cubsfan4evr said...

I also never saw Johnson play while in College, but from everything I have heard and footage seen on him, he seems to be the best option we may have.