How Much Money Did The Hangover Guys Really Make?

*Spoiler Alert, if for some reason you live in a cave or are in a come and have not seen The Hangover, do not read and go out and see the movie*

By now I'm sure everyone in America has seen The Hangover. While DME and I were not personally not big fans, everyone else in America loves it. I have actually been forced to see this movie three times, and I noticed something, at the end of the day, how much money did they really make?

When the four guys are driving home, Doug says the trip is not a total loss because he found $80,000 worth of Bellagio chips. But that got me thinking, those guys spent SO much money throughout their two days in Vegas, that I think they still lost money. I contend that they didn't come out on top.

On top of the $80,000 Doug found, the guys still had $2,400 because they made $82,400 from when Allen whon at Blackjack to pay back Leslie Chow, and I am under the assumption they were smart enough to not give ALL of the money to Chow.

So starting amount, $82,400

But Stu had to use the $10,000 he had in his bank account which was used as the buy in for Allen to start gambling.

$82,400 - $10,000 = $72,400

They also had to pay for their Villa for two nights, and that doesn't include the damage they caused. I'm not going to factor in that damage because that amount isn't known so we'll try and calculate that at the end. But they did say it was $4,000 a night and they did end up spending two nights so that's $8,000 down the tube.

$72,400 - $8,000 = $71,600

Another mention of spending money was that, in the beginning when the boys are eating breakfast, Stu took out 800 bucks from an ATM.

$71,600 - $800 = $70,800

But the big dent to their wallet was the car they totalled. The movie made a big deal about the really nice car Doug's future-dad-in-law lends the boys. Well, of course they end up destroying the car and my assumption is that they had to pay back Doug's father-in-law. Well I looked up what the car was, a 1969 Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet, and how much it still goes for. While on does not have an exact amount for this specific car, through looking at similiar cars and their offers and me being leinant, the car probably will go for about $60,000

$70,800 - $60,000 = 10,800

Divide that money between the four guys

$10,800 / 4 = $2,700

So a little under three grand seems like a lot of money still, but that doesn't include other expenses like gas money (four fill ups), damage to the room, Phil's hospital visit, and all the alcohol and food they all spent, they probably lost all that money.

So while 80 grand sounds like a shit ton of money (and it is), considering all the shit they boys went through, all the damage they caused, and the expenses they had, they probably spent more than $80,000 that weekend.

Yes, I do have too much time on my hands


Cubsfan4evr said...

I guess I live in a cave because I have not seen The Hangover. I actually never heard of it!

Christopher said...

First off it was 4800 a night at the hotel, also a buy in is just a buy in you don't lose the money.

Sexy Rexy said...

OK, either way the conclusion that the boys probably ended up losing all the winnings is correct.

But if you want to nit pick this stupidity then let's nit pick.

The total winning was 82,400. It's only fair that 10,000 of that goes back to Ed Helms because he put up the buy in up front. so that 72,400 to split b/w the four guys. Subtract the 4800 for two nights and that 9,600 for the hotel and that's $68,800. Subtract the $800 Ed Helms took out (probably for the wedding stuff) and thats $60,000. Now the car itself costs $60,000 so there goes all the money.

Plus, you don't account for things like gas, food, and extra expenses like the hospital visit and that means that $80,000+ winnings probably went down the toilet