How I hate you Ubaldo Jimenez

The enigma that is Ubaldo Jimenez has frustrated MLB fans and fantasy owners his entire career. I drafted Ubaldo in the late rounds of our pay league hoping that he could repeat last years solid performance. Considering he led the league in fastball average at 95mph, it is hard to avoid such a talented arm. However, Jimenez could not have had a worst start to the 2009 season.

After 7 shutout innings in his first start, the next 3 starts in the month of April saw him pitch 12 innings allowing 16 earned runs. His control issues coupled with an inability to put away hitters was bruttaly painfull for anyone invested in the young fireballer. Back to back starts against the Dodgers didnt help matters, but obviously he was not the same pitcher. Obviously, many people, myself included, dropped Jimenez like a freshman taking organic chem. Big mistake. Since then Jimenez has been ripping through the national league like Charles Barkely ripps through his bank account.

He has posted monthly ERAs of 2.88 and 2.43 in May and June substantiated by a seasonal 3.27 FIP. His control issue is an inherent flaw that will always keep his WHIP above 1.30, however a home run rate of .30 .50 the past 2 year, at Coors of all places, and an above average strike out rate breads success. He has proven to be an ownable pitcher in most fantasy leagues, unfortunately he has been picked up by the time you and I get over the heartbreak of him mugging our fantasy teams in April.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

i told you not to drop him! Ubaldo Jimenez is the ultimate coors field pitcher. Him and aaron cook

Cubsfan4evr said...

Ubaldo Jimenez has the potential to be a lot better than Aaron Cook though. He is also very insignificant now like many young pitchers. He reminds me of Ervin Santana his first year or two in the majors. You never knew what you would get out of him. Another example is Edwin Jackson. Once they figure it out though, they can dominate.