Why Am I Still Obsessed With Bill Simmons?

I think Bill Simmons along with fangraphs, anti-grindiness, anti-Yahoo! analysis, anti-ESPN/ baseball tonight, and anti-DME talking about his fantasy baseball teams are all pretty much inside jokes/ common likes among the authors of this blog. DME and mainly TBO have recently gotten me into Bill Simmons podcast The BS Report and now with my new soul crushing job, all I do is listen to podcasts. This means I have gotten all caught up on Mr. Simmons podcasts over the past two months or so. I try and listen to every recent podcast of his and I have come to realization, why do I care to be caught up on BS Reports?

Now obviously Simmons is one of the popular sports personalities and one of the most popular iTunes podcasters and many many many people listen to his podcasts like I have been doing of late. He has seen more movies than maybe even DME and DOES have a very warm and funny personality. But at what point does his content override all?

Especially of late, all Simmons does is talk about basketball. Basketball this and basketball that and he's talking to this basketball player and he's talking to this basketball coach and he's talking to this ESPN guys about basketball. And if he doesn't talk about basketball he's just talking to JackO about the Red Sox and Yankees. The few times he does mention Chicago, or really any midwestern sports team (so like the ONE time he did so), he doesn't really know what the hell he's talking about. You know, for a guy that hates ESPN, he essentially IS ESPN.

Now I understand WHY Simmons talks about basketball. BBall is just Simmons' sport. Everyone has their favorite sport, and basketball is his. He loves the game, watches every game he can, knows practically more than any coach or GM currently in the NBA, and wrote a gigantic ass book called "The Book Of Basketball". But for myself and DME and probably a vast majority of sports fans out there, we don't care about basketball. More people probably care about football, college football, baseball, and college basketball more than they do about the NBA. For TBO and Cubsfan4evr1 (once we get him into Simmons) I'm sure what Simmons' has to say is very interesting and enjoyable. But for myself and I'm millions out there who don't care about basketball, Simmons is actually becoming boring.

And as I briefly alluded to earlier, the other thing Bill Simmons always talks about is Boston. Now I am a HUGE Boston fan. I was born in Boston, my parents were born in Boston and all my family either lives in Boston or was born in Boston. So I have a history in Boston and want Boston to win after my Chi-Town teams. And I even I think Bill Simmons needs to shut the fuck up about Boston, and I've only listened to his podcasts for two months!

Now I think after the basketball and hockey season are over and football and baseball reign supreme, I will enjoy The BS Report again. Now like ESPN, as much as I publicly and privately dislike it, I'll still probably listen to Simmons everyday, but it's still frustrating to me, and right now, I am officially renouncing my Bill Simmons fandom.

For more on me ranting about Simmons, you can listen to my crappy podcast here


The 'Bright' One said...

I like basketball, but i would also like to hear some other topics. He must be really popular at ESPN to do nothing but basketball and movies for 3 years and still have his podcast