Carlos Marmol

What is wrong with Carlos Marmol? He was an All-Star last year and has arguably been the most dominant set-up man in the baseball the past 2 seasons. He will never be confused with Maddux for his plate control, but he has made up for a 4.5 walk rate by striking out an average of 12 batters per 9 in those 2 years. You couple that with a .150 batting average against and you have a dominant pitcher.

The problems began on Sexy Rexy's birthday last year, where Carmol gave up like a million runs to the (Devil) Rays blowing the game. This year he has 27 walks in 27 innings. That is unspeakably bad for anyone. Even Adam Eaton and Sidney Ponson would be embarrased by those numbers. He's still as difficult to hit, but the walks will kill him. He currently has the highest walk rate in baseball. If you look at some of the other names on the list, Hayden Penn was DFAed, Jorge Julio was DFAed, Edwar Ramirez was sent to AAA, and Matt Lindstrom is about to lose his closers job. I recommend Marmol start throwing strikes or his fate will eventually be that of Fausto Carmona