The Cubs Change Hitting Coaches

Usually on Sunday’s the home team does not taking batting practice. This way they can sleep in and rest. Well, last Sunday the Chicago Cubs were up bright and early taking batting practice at Wrigley field. This is because the Cubs have been in a big slump and have not been hitting. Thus, they needed batting practice. At 11:00am, Gerald Perry, the Cubs hitting coach was called in from the batting cage where he was giving players hitting advice hoping they would get out of this slump. He was informed that he was relived of his duties and shown the door.

Gerald Perry had a relationship with Lou Pinella being on his staff before in Seattle a few years ago. Lou made it obvious that he was not the one behind this decision and did not feel a change was needed. Lou said this was an organizational change. You could tell that he didn’t know what to say because Jim Hendry made one of his coaches the escape goat for the Cubs hitting woes and loosing streaks.

I did not agree with this change. Gerald Perry is just a coach and can only give the players suggestions and advice on how to hit. But, he is not the one hitting! Last year the Cubs were first in the league in runs scored and everyone praised him for preaching patience. Now, they are second to last in the league in runs scored and they decide to fire him. I think a good hitting coach will help, but these are professional hitters who got to the big leagues and he isn’t the one to blame.

The Cubs called up their hitting coach from Triple-A Iowa, Von Joshua to take over for Tuesday’s game. Von Joshua has a relationship with many of the current Cubs who he coached in Triple-A. In the past he has coached: Ryan Theriot, Mike Fontenot, Micah Hoffpauir, Reed Johnson, Jake fox, Bobby Scales, and Andres Blanco. Let’s hope he helps turn things around.