White Sox FMyLife

-Mark Buerhle has more home runs than: Dewayne Wise, Chris Getz, Wilson Betemit, Brent Lillibridge, and Gordan Beckham. FML.

-Scott Podsednik also has more HR than all of those guys. FML.

-Speaking of Scotty Pods, he has a better OBP (granted in a smaller sample size), than all White Six batters besides Jim Thome. FML.

-Dwayne Wise has a .133 BA, .170 OBP, and no XBH. He also is probably the best option the Sox currently have. He also batted FIFTH today! FIFTH! FML.

-Even though Jayson Nix is one of the best defensive second basemen and has a far better wOBA, Chris Getz is still starting. FML. (also, again, I will admit Nix has far less innings and ABs, but seriously, when a guy is playing THIS good and the starter is playing THIS bad, why does the shittier starter still have the job!?)


The 'Bright' One said...

whats the problem? It's a white sox winner.

Matt Kemp batted 9th yesterday

Sexy Rexy said...

no, im not upset about today, i was elated today, but this whole season is a disappointment. not that i shouldnt have expected this, but it still sucks

and if i was a Dodgers fan i would be pissed as hell too