Advance Aged Rays Pitchers (AARP)

Has anyone noticed the age of the Tampa Bay Ray bullpen? With recent signee Jorge Julio (30) to join the bunch, the following [elderly] players make up the relief core of the reigning AL Champions:
  • Troy Percival (39, going on 40)
  • Grant Balfour (32)
  • Joe Nelson (34, going on 35)
  • Dan Wheeler (32)
  • Jason Isringhausen (36, going on 37)
  • Brian Shouse (40, going on 41)
  • Randy Choate (33, going on 34)
  • Chad Bradford [DL] (34, going on 35)
  • Lance Cormier (29)
  • J.P. Howell (26)
And last year, of course, they also had:
  • Al Reyes (37)
  • Gary Glover (31)
  • Trever Miller (35)
Despite having no starters over the age of 27 (James Shields, at 27, is the oldest of the Rays starting pitchers), the Rays have but two pitchers in the bullpen below the 30 year mark! Not to knock the "veterans", but perhaps Jorge Julio (7.79 ERA, 6.40 FIP) isn't the solution for a pen who already has 5 guys with ERAs north of 5 (all but one of whom is older than 30).


The 'Bright' One said...

Al Reyes, i would have never remembered him, ever.

Oh yeah, Scott Baker drinks your milkshake!!!