Stupid Brewers, Trix Are For Kids!

I went to the White Sox at Brewers game today and also listened to some Milwaukee sports talk radio today, here are some of my notes....

-By faking a bunt, Jim Thome ended up drawing only the second walk of the season by Trevor Hoffman. Because of injuries, SP Clayton Richard pinch ran for Thome and ended up scoring the winning run.

-I sat next to more ChiSox fans than Brewers fans. Every time the Brewers fans tried to cheer for their team, they were drowned out by the Chicago fans. We're not talking about the Cubs, we're talking about the freaking White Sox! Good job Milwaukee, even the second team in Chicago managed to draw a bigger crowd than your home team. This literally felt like a home game at a better stadium.

-Mark Buehrle hit a HR in his first at-bat after drawing a full count. Really!? I understand you suck Braden Looper but you gave up a monster HR to an established AL pitcher!? Really!?

-After the game I was curious to see what the Milwaukee POV was on the loss. Here's some notes on that:

-The main "thesis" of the Milwaukee's DJ was this, "Why aren't Brewers fan critical of J.J. Hardy (batting .211 with a .295 OBP) when everyone else on the team has gotten slack in some form or another?"
That's because all three Milwaukee Brewers fans are retarded

-They were also questioning what to do at the 2B, SS, and 3B position defensively to also maximize offense. They like this new guy Casey McGehee and want him at second, to start and play Mat Gamel at third (or at least give him significant ABs), but don't want minor leaguer Alcides Escobar to play SS, even though Hardy sucks donkey balls, because "a championship caliber team doesn't have three rookie in the infield". However, starting Craig Counsell and Bill Hall isn't a good idea for these fans either. The DJ was also worried about the team becoming "the Nashville Brewers" because of so many AAA guys on the roster.
Hey Milwaukee, YOU HAVE AN AWESOME AAA TEAM! You traded away Matt LaPorta and still have an awesome minor league system! Your everyday players like Hall and Counsell are not good! If these players are not contributing, why not try guys who are supposed to be good! Why can't rookies win? If they're better than your current team, then play them! (BTW, both Hall and Hardy have negative value including both offense and fielding and Counsell is barely positive which means that rookies at second, third, and short is actually probably a good idea)

-One caller said this in relation to Hardy "I don't care about on base percentage out of my number two guy [Hardy bats second], all I care is that my guy can lay down a bunt and have a high batting average to bat guys in"
Good job sustaining first place Milwaukee. I'm sure Cubs fans would REALLY love if any guy in the number two hole would always do this

-Manny Parra was sent down to AAA yesterday and manager Ken Macha said, even if Parra does amazingly after two starts in Nashville, he will not be brought back up because "he needs to work some things out"
Parra has a better FIP, HR/9, and K/9 than Braden Looper, Dave Bush, and Jeff Suppan. He also has a .368 BABIP which means he's getting extremely fucking unlucky. Sure, he's unnecessarily walking too many guys, but he never really shouldn't have been sent down to begin with and is your second best pitcher. Didn't Billy Beane teach you anything Ken Macha!

-One caller mentioned that actually J.J. Hardy was getting extremely unlucky, because he was actually hitting a lot of line drives but they just happened to get turned into outs when statistically those line drives should have been hits and even extra base hits. First of all, I was surprised at the level of intelligence of Brewers fans considering they're stupid enough to live near Milwaukee or actually root for the Brewers. But secondly, the DJ dismissed these claims saying that "it doesn't matter how hard those hits are if they're hit right towards a defender"
First of all, in the past 30 days, Hardy is 7th to last among SS in LD%, and last in the month of June among SS. But most importantly, even if those claims were true, good job for the DJ to show his authority by dismissing smart, well-thought out arguments

-The DJ also went on a mini-rant about Illinois, Chicago, and the Cubs. His comments actually made me think just how little Chicago cares about Milwaukee, but just how pissed off Milwaukee gets at us. Although I would be too if I couldn't gain a home field advantage either for like 10-15 games/ rooted for a team in Milwaukee

I wonder if GMs really hate their fans for being whiny little bitches? Oh well, Kenny, you suck!