Dusty Baker Baseball 101

Eckstein wanted me to post on Dusty Baker's latest lesson in the basics of baseball. News came that star second basement Brandon Phillips was fined for swinging on a 3-0 count when given the take sign by Dusty Baker.

Firstly, given Baker's track record I too would always do the opposite of what Dusty says. Remember last year when he told Adam Dunn to bunt in the 9th inning and then this happened. Or when Dusty told Edwin Encarnacion to bunt he went yard. Or when he pinch hit Javier Valentine for Jay freakin Bruce in the 9th. Or when he batted out of order. Or when he batted Corey Patterson lead-off, for 2 different teams. Or when he replaced Patterson with his evil twin Willy Taveras. Or when he batted Neifi Perez lead-off. Or when he personally shredded Mark Prior's arm, and Aaron Harang's arm, and Edinson Volquez's arm. Or his personal game theory of kissing his nekclace for good luck. Yeah, just a track record of fantastic decisions. Worst manager ever.

How is it reasonable to fine major league players for mistakes they make on the playing field, pseudo-mistakes at that. Maybe they should be fines everytime they strike out, or drop a ball, or give up a homer run. That would probably be excessive as Phillips was officially fined for insubordination. In the words of Baker
If you've ever been in the military, you still have to follow orders. That's what it boils down to

Yes, baseball is just like the military. If Phillips doesnt follow orders, people will die. You wanted the truth? You cant handle the truth.

Considering the Reds were down by 2 runs with 2 men on base and the second best power hitter on the team, I would not blame Phillips for swinging at the pitch. This reminds me greatly of what Clint Hurdle recently tried to do. Fining or benching players for swinging at pitches is becoming a new fad of managers who have only this year discovered the importance of OBP. Dusty Baker never game a crap about walks prior to this year and same goes for Clint Hurdle. Their dictatorship tactics is probably just a way to cover up their insecurity about being the last 2 people in the world to realize sac bunts are retarded beyond imagination. Hopefully Baker has a similar fate to Hurdle, until of course he finds a new job from some desperate GM.


Sexy Rexy said...

You know what manager I want with a really young guy in Cueto, a fairly young guy in Volquez, a future great in the making in Bailey, two really guys who could be great in Bruce and Votto to be my manger? You guessed it! I want Dusty Baker to ruin the future of my organization by overplaying and not giving young guys the rest they need!

Dusty Baker believes walking "clogs the bases" The very few things a manger does, DUSTY DOES WRONG

A caller on 670 The Score today liked Dusty over Lou because quote "at least the Cubs won a playoff series and Lou's had better teams"

Wost. Manager. Ever.

Sexy Rexy said...

*two really YOUNG guys

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Homer Bailey is a fizzle prospect. He's not been very good outside of one and a half minor league seasons and he's getting older and worse every year. He's a bust, sadly.

Also, thanks for writing this up for me. It was utterly hilarious to read.