My reverse all-star team

Using the format and rules of Fantasyland 2 (the pay league), I've created the exact opposite of a good team. It's so terrible that it couldn't possibly be any worse. Go ahead, make suggestions!

C-Jason Kendall
1B-Travis Ishikawa
2B-Jose Lopez
SS-Orlando Cabrera
3B-Adrian Beltre
OF-Chris Young
OF-Delmon Young
OF-Jeff Francoeur
UTIL-David Ortiz

SP-Manny Parra
SP-Oliver Perez
SP-Carlos Silva
RP-Kevin Gregg
RP-Joel Hanrahan
P-Bronson Arroyo
P-Fausto Carmona
P-Ian Snell
P-Manny Corpas

BN-Jamie Moyer
BN-Brandon Morrow
BN-Kip Wells
BN-Josh Fields
BN-Troy Tulowitzki


Sexy Rexy said...

All good choices. Here's my picks (Based off of actual numbers and not peripherals...)

C- Jason Kendall
1B- Jason Giambi
2B- Kaz Matsui
3B- Garrett Atkins
OF- Chris Young
OF- Jordan Schaffer
OF- Brian Giles
Util- Lil' Papi

SP- Jon Garland
SP- Fausto Carmona
SP- Jamie Moyer
RP- Brandon Morrow
RP- Joel Hanrahan
P- Brian Fuentes (despite his saves he's not top 50 in RP)
P- Andy Sonnanstine
P- Trevor Cahill
P- Jeff Suppan

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

i like the Garrett Atkins pick, but I still prefer crappy ol' beltre...the rest is solid, BUT where is Oliver Perez?

The Bright One and I wish we could put Adam Eaton on the list

Sexy Rexy said...

Theyre all really bad, cant go wrong with any of them..

oh wait you can!

remember when Yahoo! was touting Jon Garland as a real free agents teams should pick up?