Looking at the Bulls this Off-Season

The Chicago Bulls had a decent regular season and made the playoffs. There season was flat lining until John Paxson (former Gm) made a few moves in acquiring Brad Miller and John Salmons. These moves sparked the club to a strong finish. As we learned in the playoffs, the team needs more help.

The first issue the Bulls have is Ben Gordon being a free agent. I think Ben Gordon will be walking as a free agent. He hasn’t seemed happy as a Bull the past two years, and he will probably get the same or better offer from other teams where he won’t have to worry about playing time in a packed back court. The other question is will the Bulls trade Kirk Hinrich and his 10 million a year contract for another player at a position they need more, like front court help.

I am assuming Ben Gordon will leave as a free agent. This is how the Bulls roster appears to look next year at this time. The starting line up should be: Derrick Rose and John Salmons in the back court with Luol Deng at small forward with Tryus Thomas and Joakim Noah in the front court. Then we have Brad Miller and Kirk Hinrich (if he is not traded) coming off the bench. Thus, the Bulls will lack depth and need the players they acquire in the draft to be an impact player of the bench and start developing. I don’t think the Bulls should sign anyone to a multi year deal this offseason in order for them to save for the free agent class of 2010. The free agent class of 2010 will be much better than this year’s free agent class. With Ben Gordon is leaving they will have money to spend with a few players coming off the books.

The Bulls can go after a few different players to help the team kin the draft. If they keep both picks they may be able to acquire two decent role players. Next year should be a developing year for the Bulls and their young nucleus of Rose, Deng (not that young, but under contract for a few more years), Thomas, Noah, and the two young draft picks. If the Bulls trade Hinrich they could draft a back up point guard and a swing man for the two and three spots or they could draft a back up guard and a front court player.