Stone fly’s Solo

For Friday’s broadcast of the White Sox game vs. the Cincinnati Reds in Cincinnati on Comcast Sports net Steve Stone was the only broadcaster. Steve Stone is usually the Color commentator and is the best in the business. Usually his partner and the play by play announcer for the White Sox is Ken “Hawk” Harrelson. It is very unusual to see only one broadcaster alone on TV. Sometimes we even see three broadcasters on ESPN and other networks. I guess one of Hawk’s relatives was sick so he couldn’t make it. I wonder why they didn’t get a substitute. The game was on Comcast so they could have found any reporter they have to fill in. It shouldn’t be hard to find a decent play by play announcer. I am sure most of there reporters would love the opportunity to call a ball game, even if it is just for one game. If Hawk didn’t give them enough notice they could of had one of the radio announcer’s to fill in. This is because television. usually takes precedent over radio. One announcer on radio isn’t as weird of having one announcer on t.v.

I watched a few minutes of this Sox game and found it amusing to watch Steve Stone do both the play by play and the analysis of the game. He barley seemed to come up for air, but it seemed to flow pretty well. I actually thought this broadcast was the best the White Sox have had in the past 19 years! They would be better-off with just Steve Stone in the booth than having Hawk Harrelson join him.


The 'Bright' One said...

maybe they should have called you.

Vince Scully does every game by himself. As does bob uecker

Cubsfan4evr said...

Bob Uecker is on the radion though? As I said in my post you do see some radio telecasts done solo. I did not know Vince Scully does it by himself.