What Happened to the Gatorade Cooler in the Dugout?

The Cubs used to have a Gatorade Cooler in the Dugout. This Gatorade Cooler became famous when Carlos Zambrano recently hit in with a bat after one of his bad starts which was shown on t.v. He broke the Gatorade Cooler and it was fixed. Then another player took their frustration out on the Gatorade Cooler and broke it again. On the Cubs last road trip, management decided to take the Gatorade Cooler out of the dugout. It wasn’t worth all the expenses to get it repeatedly fixed. So next time they show the dugout on t.v. look for the Gatorade Cooler because it won’t be there.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Yeah. I noticed this. RIP Gatorade Machine, 2009

Maybe now they'll just have bottles of gatorade.

The cubs love destroying stuff: gatorade machines, mark prior, the dreams of a fan base, the dodgers visitor club house, etc