Yet another reason to get rid of those damned maple bats

Anyone catch this play last night? It almost killed Nick Green.

This comes just one month after a shattered bat beat the shit out of a spectator at a Dodgers game.

Let me quote a section from the second link:
"A study commissioned by the league and the players’ union in 2005 showed maple and ash hit the ball equally well. Ash bats tend to crack innocuously, the study found, while maple bats explode, sending huge chunks of wood in every direction."

...“Maple has no advantage in getting a longer hit over an ash bat.”

Considering that its already been proven that maple bats are more likely to splinter and shatter than ash bats (which simply crack when they break), perhaps the MLB should be doing something about it. Then again, Bud Selig is still the commissioner...

So let's just look at the tally -- a maple bat has either almost killed or injured a player, umpire, coach and fan. What's next?

More on Maple vs Ash bats here and also here.


The 'Bright' One said...

umpires need to look out too. Did you see how milton bradley lost the handle on the bat with both hand two swings in a row and both times the bat slingshot directly into the umpire