The Cubs Graveyard

Following up on my theory that all washed up Cubs end up in Baltimore or Cincinnati, The "Bright" One and I decided to assemble a 25-man roster of ex-Cubs who have been on either the Reds or O's in just the last five years (2004 and on).

C - Robert Machado (O)
C - Paul Bako (R)
1B - Rafael Palmeiro (O)
2B - Freddie Bynum (O)
SS - Cesar Izturis (O)
3B - Alex Cintron (O)
OF - Felix Pie (O)
OF - Sammy Sosa (O)
OF - Jerry Harriston Jr. (O/R)
OF - Corey Patterson (O/R)
OF - Gary Matthews Jr. (O)
OF - Jacque Jones (R)
INF - Daryle Ward (R)
INF - Brendan Harris (O)
SP - Rich Hill (O)
SP - Steve Trachsel (O)
SP - Kyle Lohse (R)
SP - Todd Van Poppel (R)
RP - LaTroy Hawkins (O)
RP - Rocky Cherry (O)
RP - Phil Norton (R)
RP - Jon Leicester (O)
RP - Kent Mercker (O)
CL - David Weathers (R)

So far, we've got a 24 man roster short 1 SP. Bonus points if anyone can find a SP prospect the Cubs either dealt out or was released and then signed by the O's/Reds.


The 'Bright' One said...

thanks for taking ALL the credit. you could at least put me in the tags

David ''MVP'' Eckstein said...

Oops sorry! Fixed that.


Sergio R. said...

Are you sure that you wanna call a projected 2 WAR 25 year old still at the minimum washed up?

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

If you note the date that I wrote this, it was prior to the 2009 season. So you really can't criticize me putting Pie on the list.

Regardless, the point remains the same: washed up players the cubs gave up on infest the Orioles