The All Johnson Team

Much like the All-Carlos team, there are a lot of players with the last name of "Johnson" in the league. Here's the best team full of active players with the last name of Johnson

QB: Josh Johnson
backup: Brad Johnson

RB: Chris Johnson
backup: Larry Johnson

WR: Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson
backup: Chad Ochocinco (Johnson), Bryant Johnson

TE: David Johnson
backup: Darcy Johnson

FB: Jeremi Johnson

OL: Brian Johnson, Herman Johnson, Marcus Johnson, Charlie Johnson

DT: Tank Johnson, Antonio Johnson
backup: Ed Johnson, Spencer Johnson

OLB: Jarrett Johnson, Brandon Johnson

ILB: Derrick Johnson

DE: Marcus Johnson, Charles Johnson
backup: Travis Johnson

FS: Michael Johnson

SS: Tyrell Johnson

CB: Todd Johnson, Chris Johnson
backup: DJ Johnson

P/K: Dirk Johnson

Trust me, all these players are real players. Despite this team mainly consisting of back ups, I would watch this team based solely around it's offense.


The 'Bright' One said...

Coached by Jimmy Johnson.

The defense could be coached by Jim Johnson, if he wasn't recently deceased that is