Goodell Suspends Henry 4 Games For Being Dead

Football players dying while under contract with an NFL team cannot be a positive reflection on the football business. I'm sure Roger Goodell contemplated giving Henry a 4 game suspension for violating the player code of conduct agreement. You know, up until he realized that the dude is currently serving an eternal suspension from life.

I bring this up based on the video of Chris Henry's funeral proceedings featuring family, teammates, friends, and Roger Goodell. I find this overly hypocritical of him to show up. Goodell considered kicking Henry out of the NFL all together, and now he shows up to his funeral as a representative of the league. Clearly he had no relationship with Henry, outside of fining and suspending him out of loads of cash. His appearance is just for show, to give the impression that the NFL cares about it's players, which it does not.

They have manipulated the results of an "independent" study on the effects of football on neuronal degeneration in retired players that has lead to several embarrassing resignations from the committee. They also had that long lasting union fight with veterans of the league where the NFL refused to play pension and medical expenses of their retired athletes suffering from depression, dementia, and probably diarrhea. The 3 D's.

I doubt Henry would have wanted Goodell at his funeral. I can understand paying respect to someone you used to be close with, even if things went sour. But Goodell is a corporate supremacist, who in my opinion has levied unjustified punishments for minor violations. Never forget that rules and law is never right or wrong; they are just standards put in place by old geezers in suits to make their lives easier.


Sexy Rexy said...

I can't believe Goodell would have fined Ochocinco if he wore Henry's #15 instead of his 85. If a dude wanted to wear a number other than what he changed his last to, then let the man!

I bet Goodell went to this funeral the same way Bud Selig followed Barry Bonds games to see Barry break the record. He obviously didn't want to be there but would have gotten publicly chastised if he didn't

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Or like how Jesus did that whole "savior" thing to placate his dad.