Colin Cowherd Says Something Dumb

I was up late recently so I popped on ESPN and Sportsnation was on. They were doing a bit where athletes would "call" into the show about their career and Colin and the hot chick would respond. Chris Johnson "called" into the show asking
Why is nobody talking about me? I'm having a great season and I'm getting no love.

Very true. Chris Johnson is just fucking amazing and he's having one of the best seasons for a RB. But it was Cowherd's response that just struck me as so utterly dumb that I felt compelled to say something about it. He said:
It's because the NFL right now is a pass first league. People care more about the QBs than they do the RBs and thus right now, people also care more about WRs than they do RBs. WRs have become the new RBs. That's just the sad reality of it. He's having a fantastic year and he's a great player, but because of this pass first league, he's just not going to get the respect he deserves.

There are SO many dumb fuck things wrong in that sentence I don't know where to begin.
1) People are talking about Chris Johnson. As evidenced by the multiple posts on this site and the poll on the side, people are fully aware of the awesomeness that is Chris Johnson. Anyone who even sort of checks a fantasy football team or somewhat follows football knows of the awesomeness that is Chris Johnson and talk about him whenever we can. There is only so much you can say about how great of a player he is, but he still gets talked about. The only one NOT talking about Johnson is the dumb fucks over at ESPN.
2) ESPN is the sole proprietor of sports propaganda. So first of all, it seems a little odd that an entity who's job it is to mention all things sports is asking itself why it is not talking about something it should, doesn't it? Secondly, the real reason why "nobody" is talking about Chris Johnson, is because ESPN isn't talking about ESPN. The producers of Sportscenter and NFL Live and such are just not doing their jobs by not putting Chris Johnson on the list of things the analysts should talk about. ESPN is just dumb by not constantly jerking off to a player that deserves all the jerking he can get!
3) Who says this is a "pass first league"? Do all 32 teams always "pass first"? What does it even mean to "pass first"? Does that mean that the first play of the game for all 32 teams will be a passing play? When you really think about, the term "pass first" is a pretty dumb one. But I know what Cowherd is referring to and he's still wrong. Sure, there are SOME teams that predominantly pass more than they run like the Saints, Colts, Patriots, and Eagles. But this isn't a league wide thing. Teams like the Rams, Dolphins, Titans, and when they can- the Bears are more run first teams. And then there's a lot like the Vikings who have a good combination of both the run and pass. Teams choose to pass or run first is based solely off of the necessity of the team's talent- not because of the "nature of the league"
4) Even if the NFL was a pass first league, that's absolutely no reason not to talk about one of the greatest rushing seasons of all time. The same way ESPN jerked off to Sean Alexander and LT in their TD breaking years in this "pass first league" is the same reason they should be talking about Johnson.
5) You can not host your own show on ESPN and spew your dumb opinions as facts or say things without support. Like the statement "People care more about WRs than RBs" and "The wide out is the new running back" What are you basing this off of!?

I hate you Colin Cowherd. But you still might be better than a hot chick giving sports advice.


Cubsfan4evr said...

I have listened to his radio show once and I don't know what to think about him. I am not rushing to hear him again.