The Worst Sports Announcer In The World Competition (ROUND 2)

Thank you to all who voted in round 1 of The Worst Sports Announcer In The World Competition. Round 1 had plenty of surprises. John Kruk, Steve Phillips and Buck Martinez were all eliminated, while Jim Rome survived round 1. Now it is time for round 2. The top 4 vote-getters of each category (bracket 3 will have five contestants, as there was a two-way tie for the fourth spot) have moved on to round two, where you can vote for up to TWO broadcasters per bracket. You can access voting for Round 2 by either clicking here (sorry, voting for round two has closed) or by clicking the giant blue link atop the page. Round 2 results will be released new year's day. We at Game Of Inches appreciate your participation and feedback. Cast your vote now!

Below are the voting results for round 1.