The Break Out Game For Devin Aromashodu

All GOI readers should know by now that since I went to Bears training camp I have been a fan of journeyman wide receiver Devin Aromashodu. A few weeks ago when the Bears receivers weren't doing much I lobbied for him to get more playing time. I said
I wish we would see more of Devin Aromashodu though. He was injured to start the season so he wasn’t given a chance. Devin Aromashodu was supposed to be ahead of Jonny Knox of the depth chart before his injury. He missed a few weeks, but has been back for a while. Now there is no playing time for him. I saw Devin Aromashodu at training camp and he looked good. He is tall at 6-2, fast, and seemed to have very good hands making some hard catches on the day I went. He has been on a few teams now for a reason, but I think if he was given a few throws his ways, he would wow Chicago fans. For now it is up to Devin Hester, Johnny Knox, and Earl Bennett to carry the load though.

After Devin Aromashodu saw some action I thought he would get more playing time. Cutler has always said good things about him and likes him because he is a big, fast target, who has good hands. Then DA had a good game which I thought would get him more playing time but I wasn't sure because Lovie Smith wasn't big on him. With Hester out and Knox getting injured DA had more playing time in the game on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

DA did get a lot of playing time on Sunday and showed why he should be out there even when Hester and Knox are healthy. He caught seven passes for 150 yards and had one touchdown catch to win the game! He looked liked a number one receiver. I don’t know if he will be that good, but he has a chance to be that on the Bears, and sure looks better than any other Bear receiver. I like Knox and his speed, but DA can go up and get the ball or stretch out using his length.
The Three big catches by DA:

I am excited to see the Bears play Detroit next week and see what DA can do against them. I am finally excited about the Bears for the first time since the season started thanks to him and Cutler!


The 'Bright' One said...

i'm strongly contemplating deleting this posts too...jk jk

If we dont get new WR next year, i think having Hester, Knox, and DA on the field at the same time is a scary speed combination

I'm surprised how little the bears threw deep this year. Hester made several deep catches/pass interference plays with Orton last year, but i cant remember any with Cutler

Sexy Rexy said...

1) we absolutely should not draft a wide out next year and we should only get a WR if a really good one is available via free agency/ if Plaxico Burress is let out of jail
2) At this point, there's no reason why the Bears should not start Hester, DA, and Knox- although I'm not against moving Hester back at returning all kicks
3) This year, Cutler had 52 plays of 20+ yards and 5 plays of over 40 yards. Last year, Orton had 34 plays of 20+ yards and 3 plays of over 40+ yards. I don't know where you get they didn't throw deep this year because they threw it deeper this year more than last year. AND this season is not over yet + Cutler overthrew a shit ton of deep receivers this year.

The 'Bright' One said...

I was referring specifically to Devin Hester on go routes.

40 yard plays can be run after catch too. Also, it doesnt take into consideration long pass interference calls.

Cubsfan4evr said...

The Bears could use a number one wide receiver, but those don't grow on trees. They have many holes to fix on this team starting with both lines. To fix the offensive woes we need to improve the offensive line and I think it will improve the offense. We may not have the best wide receiver core, but they are good enough if that line can give Cutler time and make holes for Forte. We saw them do a great job against the Vikings. A glimpse of what the team could be if they can do that regularly. We still won’t have the best team, but we would at least be competitive.