JR Smith Drains 10 3-Pointers In One Game

The 3-point record has always been fascinating to me dating back to my early youth. I vividly recall Dennis Scott draining 11 3-pointers to back in 1996 to set the record at the time. It has since been raised to 12 by Kobe Bryant and former Bull Donyell Marshall. The all-time leader in 3-pointers made in a career is the great Reggie Milled, though Steve Kerr is the all time percentage leader at a shocking 45.4%. For all the great 3-point shooters, there exist many more horrible ones. The leader in the shoot a lot, make a little club is Antoine Walker who once went 0-11 from behind the arc in a game back in 2003. Oh, and he gambled away his 100 million career earnings and is currently millions in debt to a casino. Oh, well