The Suns High Scoring Offense

The Phoenix Suns used to have a high powered fast temp offense a few years ago under Mike D'Antoni. This is when they had Shawn Marion with Steve Nash and Admare Stoudmire. Then they traded for Shaquille O'Neal and he slowed the tempo of the team down and their offense. So they had to trade Shaquille O'Neal and move on. This season they tried to go back to their run and gun tempo and surprisingly it has worked. Even with Steve Nash being older at 35 and new comers like Jason Richardson, the Suns are scoring and winning. I thought the Suns missed their opportunity when they had the big three of Nash, Marion, and Stoudmire and needed to trade away their key players to re-build. Well it turns out they are scoring and winning like they used to. The Suns are 19-12 with a .613 winning percentage. They also have an impressive 11-2 record at home. The Suns rank number one in the league averaging 109.5 points per game, number one in field goals made per game at 40.9, more impressively number one at field goal percentage at .496, and number one at three point percentage at .425. So the Suns are the best scoring team in the league and winning. The question is can they continue to win and win in the playoffs?