Tyler Hansbrough Just Getting Started

Reecently "The 'Bright' One" did a post on Tyler Hansbrough. As TBO mentioned in that post, I am a big fan of Tyler Hansbrough. I have been since his days at North Carolina, and I thought he would be a good productive NBA player. I didn't think he would be a superstar, or someone you build your team around, but a good average starter, or a very good role player off the bench. Ideally I think the best role for him would be a role player off the bench, and hopefully he will develop into a good number one or two man option off the bench.

Tyler Hansbrough is no where I thought he would be in his NBA career. Nor is he as good as Bob Ryan's makes him sound in the article that TBO talked about. Ryan makes it seem like Hansbrough is doing great, but he isn't. Hansbrough still needs a lot of time to adjust to the NBA and develop his game. He is a rookie who has only played in 24 games and needs to develop. His numbers look good on the surface like Bob Ryan said with him averaging 9.2 points and almost 5 rebounds in 19 minutes. When you look deeper he isn't doing good as TBO said with his .374 field goal percentage. It is way too early to judge him and I think he will improve his shooting percentage by the end of the year and be a solid player by next season.