The Colts Taking Heat For Protecting Players

On Sunday the Indianapolis Colts benched their starters like Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Joseph Addai, and company. They lost and their coach is taking a lot of heat for doing it from the fans and media. I know they were undefeated and everyone wants to see the perfect season, but if they would have gotten injured, especially Peyton Manning, the Fans and everyone else would have been on Jim Caldwell for not making the move.

I can see the argument for both sides. The fans at the game payed a lot of money to see their team win. Every fan wants to see their team do the impossible (it has happened twice though) and no fan wants their team to give up in a game. If this was a team that I followed and was a fan for I would be disappointed. I would be frustrated the team didn’t give it their all, play hard, and gave up a chance for the perfect season. I would be fine with it though and not boo the coach and team. I would respect that decision, because Jim Caldwell has to make it. If he went the other way and someone got injured, no would support him in that move to play them.

If a key player would have gotten injured, especially manning the season and superbowl hopes would be gone for the Colts. Football is a physical game where many players do get hurt. I can’t remember a game where a coach did play his star players after they clinched and the player got injured, but it could easily happen. On Sunday we did see the Bears loose three players in the game due to injuries. The Colts are nothing without Peyton Manning and the players Caldwell did bench to keep healthy for the playoffs. By benching Manning we did see the rookie back-up quarterback play and he isn't ready.

It is disappointing to see your team lay a egg, but sometimes you need to plan for the prize and forget the unnecessary steps to get there.