Box Score Tonight: NBA Edition

Box Score Tonight is back bitches, again! Get ready to learn some shit
  • Zack Randolph has a rep for being a black hole. Yet, lefty is very skilled, shoots 46%, gets to the line, and scores 20 and grabs 11 per game. He's overpriced at 16 million, but i'd take him for 10. Dirk Nowitski is single-handedly carrying the Mavs. No chance they compete in West unless they trade for Chris Paul
  • Atlanta is the surprise team this year, except they have no depth. Only reliable guy off the bench is Jamal Crawford. Need to make a trade. Luther Head is back in the NBA with a strong 19 points.
  • Let's call this the Bob Ryan Tyler Hansbrough watch. 7-20 for 19 points. 11 rebounds. I steal. 35% shooting is not good, not good at all.
  • Houston Rockets continue to be the moneyball team of the NBA. By far most production from the least talent. Carl Landry is the run away 6th man. Little Rodman. New Jersey is 2-28, but are being sold to the Russian Mark Cuban so future is bright.
  • The Hornets are in hell. Team sucks, are over the salary cap for next 3 years. Dont be surprised if he is traded within the year. Rose and Paul combine for no free throws. Awesome. Joakim Noah is becoming the only untouchable guy on the Bulls besides Derrick Rose
  • Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas, in the first 3 years of a 110 million dollar contract. Injured, injured, wish he was injured. Most untradeable player in NBA. Minnesota drafted 3 point guards in the first round and none were named Evans or Jennings. Oops. Kevin Love is basically Joakim Noah which is a good thing
  • Guess who leads the NBA in rebounding? Charlotte's guard Gerald Wallace. OK City is above .500 and Durant is dominating, but Jeff Green is struggling as the Pippen to Jordan.
  • Tony Parker needs to stop having sex and play some basketball. He's holding the Spurs back this year while Duncan keeps being Duncan. Brandon Jennings has come back to reality now only shooting 40%. Michael Redd is back strong from knee surgury
  • 76ers, see Hornets, except less talent and even more money owed. Elton Brand could not be a bigger bust. I expect Iguodala to be traded more so than Chris Paul. The Jazz are good, but not good enough. Derron Williams is awesome though.
  • Ron Artest tripped, fell down stairs, got a concussion. Lamar Odom has Tony Parker syndrome, playing like crap since marrying Khloe Kardashian. Tykere Evans is really good, but not tonight.
  • Steve Nash is the best, most underpaid player in the NBA. Only makes 10 million per year and is a 50-40-90 player. Thats FG%-3PT%-FT%. Elite. 90-96 from the line this year. Monta Ellis is a young Iverson. 30 points in 10 of last 18 games. Corey Maggette is like Zack Randolph, no love for putting up great numbers.