Tom Brady v. Peyton Manning

These two are probably the two greatest active QBs right now, and yes, I do consider Brett Favre active just like I consider my grandmother that play Mah Jong and Canasta every night active. Get it, because Brett Favre is old. OK bad joke, let's move on. On FO, there's a running thread called "The Irrational Brady/Manning debate"- and it's a good point. Debating who's better between Manning and Brady is like Tiger Woods debating which model he's gonna sleep with that night- either way you win. I created a poll on the side just to see what the GOI consensus is, but frankly, there will be no right answer.

Brady supporters will say that Brady has three rings versus Manning's one, but let's be honest, the Pats won their Superbowls because of defense and Manning won his because he was opposing Rex Grossman. Plus, saying a QB is good because he wins Superbowls is like saying batting average is the basis for why a player is good or not. Ooh, I'm on fire tonight. But seriously, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have Superbowl rings and Dan Marino doesn't. Big deal, it's not a good metric to determine who is better. Brady supporters will say that Brady has the all time passing TD record. Manning supporters will say that Brady had 78 more attempts to get one more TD.

Again, there is no right answer. I'm a Boston fan so I voted for Tom Brady. But I want you to judge for yourself. Here's are the stats you determine once and for all- who's better?

QB Rating
Tom Brady: 93.2; Peyton Manning: 95.3. Winner: Manning

Tom Brady: 7.3; Peyton Manning: 7.7. Winner: Manning

TD/INT ratio
Tom Brady: 2.27; Peyton Manning: 2.03. Winner: Brady

Tom Brady: 5.3; Peyton Manning: 5.6. Winner: Manning

Tom Brady: 2.3; Peyton Manning: 2.8. Winner: Brady

Completion Percentage
Tom Brady: 63.3%; Peyton Manning: 64.8%. Winner: Manning

Sack Percentage
Tom Brady: 5.0; Peyton Manning: 3.2. Winner: Does getting sacked less mean you're the winner?

SNL Skits
Tom Brady: Sexual Harassment and You; Peyton Manning: United Way Commercial. Winner: The writers that tried to make Michael Phelps look funny

Tom Brady: 5 national commercials and every local Dunkin Donuts one. Peyton Manning: 78,456,908,675,786,567,903,456,000. Winner: Donovan McNabb's mom. Remember those Caampbell's Chunky Soup commercials?

Now yes, these stats makes it look like Peyton's the clear winner because he has his name more often that Brady. But then you consider Peyton's had better receivers than Brady throughout his career and he's gotten sacked less but Brady still has had Welker and Moss but Brady turns it over much less. Listen, those numbers up there are damn close and frankly, if you have an opinion on this this post probably didn't change your mind. But hot damn do I love to irrational argue this.


The 'Bright' One said...

Since there is no stat for intangibles, Manning is the greatest QB of all time.

Sexy Rexy said...

I base my vote on "Who has more ice ruining through his veins" That's why I vote for my Brady