An argument for Del Negro

I do not have a good enough basketball eye to be able to judge the ability of an NBA coach. I dont have enough knowledge of what plays they run, what defense they are running, what inbound plays they call(which cubsfan always criticizes). Basically, i dont have a good enough eye to be able to distinguish the difference between players not being skilled enough to execute plays, or the coach not being skilled enough to call/practice the right plays. And obviously many NBA GM's also can't because there have been hundreds of bad NBA coaches. So how can you Sexy Rexy, Cubsfan, or anybody really judge how good or bad Del Negro is?

All you are basing your opinions on is the word of so called NBA "experts". Experts have been wrong before, and they will continue to be wrong for many years to come. Del Negro took the Bulls to the playoffs with a crappy team that didnt even have Deng and almost knocked off the defensing champs. I would argue that Del Negro is no worse than an average coach. The fact that this bulls team has more than 7 wins this year is utterly amazing to me.

Nobody i know is skilled enough to judge the abilities of a basketball coach. The only legitimate reason to fire Del Negro is the negative perception of him that has spread throughout the NBA, such that free agents may shunt the Bulls because of Del Negro's perception. Perception is not always reality, but that may not matter to Wade and Bosh, hence Del Negro has to go.


Cubsfan4evr said...

The Bulls do not have much talent, so they are not a good team. They have a few good parts, but they are missing a player or two to be the glue. It is hard to evaluate a coach when you know the talent isn’t great. Even with the players the Bulls do have I think the Bulls should be a better. You and I do differ on that.

Because the Bulls don’t have great talent to be a great team you can’t evaluate the coach based on their record and looking at the box scores. Vinny needs to help these players develop and mature into better basketball players. Many of these players are young and still learning like Rose, James Johnson, Taji Gibson, Noah, and Tryus Thomas. They all still have a lot to learn and they should be able to develop skills and learn how to run more plays and ready plays on the defensive end. I disagree with you when you tell me when we talk that these are the skills they have and that’s it. The Bulls need to try and develop the players to make them better. I am not saying that you teach Thomas how to be a spot up shooter or dribble more, but teach them more plays and shots that they can develop based on their ability.

A average fan who watches the Bulls game can tell that Del negro isn’t a good coach. Even if the players are not good and not executing plays, you can tell when players don’t do what they suppose to on some plays and how they cut, etc. Especially after inbounds plays you can tell a big difference between Del Negro and Skiles how they set up. NBA experts can tell better than a fan, but fans who watch the games can tell.

This past month the bulls had a easier schedule then they did early on so the Bulls are playing better. It doesn’t mean del negro is a good coach.