GOI Football Prediction Results: Week Sixteen

1) Cubsfan4evr
Last Week: 10 out of 16-63%
Overall: 162 out of 239-68%

2) The 'Bright' One
Last Week: 10 out of 16-63%
Overall: 155 out of 239-65%

3) Sexy Rexy
Last Week: 7 out of 16-50%
Overall: 143 out of 239-60%

Fantasy Football League-The Playoffs

Third Place Game Recap

We had the two losers from the two semi-final matchups last week playing for third place this week. It was Sexy Rexy vs. Eagles! The winner was Eagles! 117 to 92. So Eagles! locked up third place overall in the league.

The Championship Game Recap
We had The 'Bright' One vs. Good Question in the championship game. As we said last week, the key for The 'Bright' One to make it into the playoffs and to the championship game was the play of his three receivers of Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, and Brandon Marshall. Andre Johnson had a solid game for 13 points. Miles Austin had 8 points, and Brandon Marshall had 3 pitiful points. Without good performances from his three receivers it was an uphill battle. He made it close because of: Philip Rivers with 22, Jerome Harrison with 18, England Defense with 10 and Rashard Mendenhall with 7.

His opponent Good Question was led by Adrian Peterson with 23, Matt Schaub 21, Antonio Gates 13, Pierre Thomas 12, Greg Jennings 11, and Matt Prater with 10. Good Question only had one standout in Peterson, but had good solid play from a few different players and was able to win.

So the winner for this year’s Game Of Inches Fantasy Football League was Good Question winning 98 to 89 over The ‘Bright’ One. Congratulations to Good Question!

That is it for Fantasy Football for this season!