Bulls Historic Collapse

For the first time all year, I actually enjoyed watching the Bulls game. In the first half, they simply could not miss from the field. The team shot 75% in the first quarter and scored a season high 67 points in the first half to take a 25 point lead. Shot chart shows the 1st quarter totals with only 4 missed shots

The best half of basketball was highlighted by this Derrick Rose dunk. Kid has some hops

After a solid start to the 3rd, the Bulls jumped to a 35 point lead 79-44! This game was in the bag. Turn off the television the game is OVA. In fact, I did turn the TV off but still had it running on the tivo cause I have seen some crazy stuff in my life. Later in the night I decided to see just how badly the Bulls were able to destroy the Kings.

Fast forwarding through the game, the lead started shrinking little by little. Loul Deng went back to taking contested 20 foot jumpers. John Salmons was missing 7 foot leaners. Gibson and Noah were mishandling clear rebounds. Basically, the Bulls were waiting for the game clock to expire and go home with a 3 game winning streak. Unfortunately, Tyreke Evans and the Kings had other things in mind. Chipping away at the lead with open 3's, easy layups and those valuable free throws, they finally cut the lead to below 10 with 4 minutes to go. The Bulls just played scared. A young team that doesnt know how to finish. Everyone in the stadium knew how this game was going to end. The Bulls lost the lead, the game, and any self-respect they may have had. Getting outscored 33-10 in the final quarter sealed the deal. The shot chart shows the Bulls only put up 6 shots in the 4th. I don't even know how that's possible

That's how you lose a 35 point lead in an NBA game. Unfortunately, it's not a record or anything, yet no less pathetic. Also, there is no WPA equivalent in the NBA, but there are graphs with numbers so thats good.


Sexy Rexy said...

I think we can settle the debate on whether Vinny is getting fired before, on, or after Christmas... it's before

Cubsfan4evr said...

They played one great first half. Probably the best half they have this season and possibly the best since the Jordan era ended. Then in the second half we saw one of their worse half's ever. That is saying a lot because we have seen many ugly half's since Jordan left.