I'm shocked

Rarely do I ever hear sports news that causes me to jump out of my seat. Learning that Urban Meyer is resigning from the Florida Gators following the Sugar Bowl against the Cincinnati Bearcats, who are also down a coach, was one of those rare occasions. We don't see a professional athlete leave competition in his prime too often, and rarely is it a smooth transition for the athlete or the fans. People still dont understand what Barry Sanders did, or Joe Gibbs did, or MJ did. And Magic Johnson having to retire due to HIV was a shock to all.

Despite me growing up as a Miami and Florida St. fan, with the Gators or the bastard stepchild coached by the bastard dad, I had to respect Urban Meyer and his ability to always live up to expectations. When he would take over a new program in Bowling Green, Utah, or Florida, everyone expected him to be the savior and bring the team to prominence, which he always did. Winning 2 BCS championships in 3 years is almost unheard of in the modern day of college football.

Meyer stated a health issue as the reason for his resignation. He has a history of an inflamed cyst in the arachnoid space of his meninges. Other sources say a heart condition is the reason. I guess we will find out within a week. The only sure thing is the SEC will not be nearly as fun next year with Lane Kiffin having no one to feud with.


Cubsfan4evr said...

I was also very surprised.