GOI Football Prediction Results: Week Fifteen

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Cubsfan4evr
Last Week: 9 out of 16-56%
Overall: 152 out of 223-68%

2) The 'Bright' One
Last Week: 8 out of 16-50%
Overall: 145 out of 223-65%

3) Sexy Rexy
Last Week: 6 out of 16-38%
Overall: 136 out of 223-61%

Fantasy Football League

The Playoffs- Semifinal (Round Two) Recap
Last Week we had Sexy Rexy vs. Good Question play in one of the two semifinal matchups. The Good Question was the number one seed and he beat Sexy Rexy 104 to 87Sexy Rexy was let down by Drew Brees who only got him 11 points, Vernon Davis (who leads the league in touchdowns) had 4 points, Ryan Longwell only had 1 point, and Seattle’s defense got him two whole points. He did have big days from Vincent Jackson with 22 points, Chad Ochocinco 15 points, Laurence Maroney 14 points, and Frank Gore 11 points. The Good Question was lead by Matt Schaub who had 18 points, Greg Jennings 17 points, Adrian Peterson 16 points, Ricky Williams 14 points, and his kicker Matt Prater 15 points! The Good Questiions will compete in the Finals next week.

In the other semifinal matchup we had The 'Bright' One playing Eagles!. The 'Bright' One who barely got into the playoffs squashed Eagles! 130 to 77. The 'Bright' One’s team seemed to kick it into high gear the final week or two of the regular season and into the first two weeks of the playoffs. The 'Bright' One was won by great performances from his three receivers in Brandon Marshall with 13 points and both Miles Austin and Andre Johnson with 19 points apiece. He also had performances from Philip Rivers with 26 points, Rashard Mendenhall with 16 (and Big Ben threw for over 500 yards), his kicker Rob Bironas with 10, and new England’s defense looking better got him 10. Eagles! had DeSean Jackson with 20 points, and Randy Moss with 13. Ray Rice let him down with 9 and Marques Colston did with only with 8 points.

The Playoffs- The Championship Preview
So next week in the Finals we will see The 'Bright' One vs. Good Question in the championship. Good Question had a record of 10-2-1 with 1230 points which was good for first place. The 'Bright' One was 7-6 with 1258 points for 6th place overall. The 'Bright' One barley got in with the 6th seed edging out the next team by 99 points. He has upset the past two teams he has faced in the playoffs and looks to do it one more time. As I have said The 'Bright' One has been good lately because he has been carried by his three receivers of Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, and Brandon Marshall. He also has Rashard Mendenhall and Philip Rivers who are big parts of his team. Good Question is anchored by Adrian Peterson, Ricky Williams, and Pierre Thomas. He also has Matt Schaub, Greg Jennings, and Antonio Gates who are solid. Next week we will announce the winner of the Game Of Inches football League!


Sexy Rexy said...

I think The Bright One just really had the heart and the drive and want to win so that's why he's winning in the playoffs

Cubsfan4evr said...

He does have the heart and he is "The Bright One" so you never know. One more game to go on his great run!