Get to Know the Name Bryce Harper

If your a baseball fan you should already know the name Bryce Harper. He is a top baseball prospect that I mentioned in July. Harper is a catcher and third basemen and can also pitch. As a hitter he has monster homeruns over 500 feet and as a pitcher he has been clocked at 96mph. He decided to finish high school early to start his baseball career. He just received his GED in December 2009 and is going to take classes at the College of Southern Nevada. He will play baseball in the spring of 2010 for them. This will make him eligible for the 2010 Major League Baseball Draft. You can read all about Bryce Harper’s potential at Yahoo Sports.

Here is a video to see him in action:

Here are some more links to learn more about him:
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michael gilchrist said...

Ive followed Bryce since the article in Sports Illustrated, and he seems like a very talented, down-to-earth kid. I hope he has continued success!