I Was Right On Pierre Thomas

Pierre Thomas is a great talent. I've preached the greatness of Thomas since he was the back up to the crappy Reggie Bush. Since the beginning of the season, I expected great things from Thomas. Not only in that he's an Illini alum, but he was named the starter. Because of this, I expected him to do very well in fantasy. So I decided to take a look at Pierre Thomas to see how well he's going.

Currently, Thomas is tied for 3rd in YPC with 5.3. He's also first in DVOA, which means that per play, Thomas has the best value out of any other RB. Even better than the great Chris Johnson (who's #2) and 7th in DYAR (total value). But Thomas only ranks 16th among all fantasy RBs which means I gonna lose my dumb board bet that Thomas will be a top 12 RB. So what gives?

The reason is because coach Sean Peyton is dumb is not giving Thomas enough carries. In fairness, Mike Bell is doing pretty well and stupid Reggie Bush is even doing well in the passing game. Plus, when you have Drew Brees, it's kind of hard to find carries for a RB, I guess. But Pierre Thomas is a top ten talent, maybe even top five and is getting shit for carries. Thomas ranks 33 among all RBs in carries. Mike Bell is getting more carries than Thomas. Beanie Wells, Ahmad Bradshaw, Larry Johnson, Cadallic Williams, Jamal Lewis, and Laurence Maroney all have more carries than Pierre Thomas. That's just unacceptable.

I personally am not a big fan of this two running back system. If you have a stud RB, you should play them. Correll Buckhalter should be starting and Knowshon Moreno should be sitting on the bench. I even think Jonathan Stewart should just be traded because DeAngelo Williams should be getting 20-25 carries a game. And Pierre Thomas should be getting at least 15-20 carries a game and Bush and Bell should really not be getting any.

So I was right about the talent that is Pierre Thomas, but stupid Sean Peyton let me down about Thomas' fantasy value.