Chris Johnson Greatest Season Ever?

There are many ways to judge the greatness of a running backs season. You can look at TDs, yards, carries, averages, or most importantly the offensive lines in front of the back. I like the traditional stats to judge running backs, total yards from scrimmage. Yards are yards, regardless how they are attained, and that is what I like to look at.

The greatest single season total yards from scrimmage seasons belong to Marshall Faulk(2429) in 1999, Tiki Barber(2390) in 2005, and LaDainian Tomlinson(2370) in 2003. Other great seasons in recent memory belong to Jamal Lewis, Larry Johnson, Priest Holmes, and Shawn Alexander.

No matter what anyone says, Chris Johnson is the MVP this season. No one has had more impact on his teams performance this season than Johnson. With 3 games left in the season, he's already eclipsed the 2000 yards from scrimmage mark. At 2017 yards, he is on pace to finish with 2482 yards setting the all time record. You add 13 touchdowns and 3 TD runs above 85 yards and you have your league MVP. As I mentioned earlier, no running back in the SB era has more than two 85 yard runs in their career, let alone a single season.