Chris Chelios getting it done at 47

Chris Chelios is a modern day Gordie Howe. Since most of you have no clue who Gordie Howe is, lets just say that Chelios is a modern day Nolan Ryan. Playing professional sports deep into his 40's and doing it without the help of a wheelchair.

Chelios is a soon to be HOFer who spend the majority of his career as the Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks. Having spent 26 years playing professional hockey is no easy feat and is one of the many reasons he is considered the greatest American defenseman in NHL history. Averaging 0.6 points per game is better than most forwards, showing his great offensive skill from a defensive position. He has only had a negative +/- twice in those 26 years and won Stanley Cups, with the rival Detroit Red Wings. Even while playing for the Wings, he was never booed at the United Center showing just how much he was loved in this city.

After playing only 26 games last season, most people assumed Chelios would hang up the skates and call it a career. But Chelios is not like most athletes, he refuses to stop playing until he simply physically do it anymore. The HOF caliber player gladly accepted a minor league contract from the Chicago Wolves, his hometown city. He has put up 14 points in 21 games with a +10 on the ice in even strength situations. Unlike Ricky Henderson and Evander Holyfield, Chelios is experiencing legitimate success while trying to break the 50 year old barrier. Maybe he will even be picked up by an NHL team as a 6th defenseman for the playoffs. I wouldn't put it past him