In Defense Of Ochocinco

Ochocinco gets a lot of flack from the media and Roger Goodell about the "antics" that he tends to do when he scores a touchdown. In fact, one of his antics was putting "Ochocinco" on the back of his jersey over his then name "Johnson" in honor of the #85 he wears (despite the fact that 85 in Spanish is ochenta y cinco and not ocho cinco). Nevertheless, Ochocinco keeps on doing funny things after TDs and Roger Goodell keeps fining him. Why? What has Ochocinco done so wrong that warrants a 15 yard penalty and a 20K+ fine?

There is nothing Chad has done to offend the other team and very few things he has done to paint the league in a bad light. Sure, bribing the official recently after the official was reviewing a play to see if Ochocinco made a legal catch or not was not the smartest thing in the world, but the vast majority of stunts Ochocinco pulls is light hearted, clearly done for humor purposes, and in no way disrespects anybody. Here's a list of some of the TD celebrations Ochocinco has had:

-Putting on a cape that said "Chad Ochocinco HOF 20??"
-Using the pylon as a golf club, the football as a golf ball and pretending to be Tiger Woods (pre cheating days)
-Resuscitating the football by giving it CPR
-Asking a cheerleader to marry him
-Holding up a sign asking the NFL not to fine him
-Putting on a sombrero and dancing

Which one of these paints the league in a bad light? Which one of these truly pisses off and disrespects the other team? Randy Moss mooning the crowd at Lambeau I can see as disrespectful. Michael Vick flicking off fans I can see as disrespectful. TO slamming the ball on the Dallas Star in midfield I can see as disrespectful. But what Ochocinco does? The NFL has truly become the No Fun League.

I enjoy what Ochocinco does. There are a great many people who enjoy what Ochocinco does. All those who complain about Ochocinco are those who just need something to complain about. They are people that have sticks up their asses and frankly need to get a life.

Ochocinco is also not a distraction to his team. I'd like to see one current or former player come out and say that he isn't focused or that he can't do his job because of what Ochocinco does. These men are professional athletes. They have a job to do and they do that job based upon the talent and preparation they have. They do their job despite what Ochocinco does. The only time I'd pissed at an Ochocinco celebration is if a 15 yard unsportmanlike conduct penalty occurs. But this penalty is so utterly dumb and ridiculous that a TD celebration should never result in this penalty in the first place.

All Ochocinco does is have fun. He oozes having a fun and a good time. He works hard and always shows up to play and win. Sure, he had a public contract a year or so back, but what NFL doesn't want to get paid for the accomplishment he's done and can do. Lance Briggs said he'd never play for the Bears again during his contract dispute. Big deal. Ochocinco should not be getting fined and he should not be getting punished for the things he does.


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