GOI Football Prediction Results: Week Fourteen

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Cubsfan4evr
Last Week: 13 out of 16-81%
Overall: 143 out of 207-69%

2) The 'Bright' One
Last Week: 13 out of 16-81%
Overall: 137 out of 207-66%

3) Sexy Rexy
Last Week: 9 out of 16-56%
Overall: 130 out of 207-63%

Fantasy Football League
The Playoffs-Quarterfinal (Round One)

Cubsfan4evr (7-6 1259pts) VS. Sexy Rexy (7-6 1259pts)
Summary: Sunday night Cubsfan4evr was winning over Sexy Rexy 97 to 96. They each had two players left in Monday night’s game. Cubsfan4evr had his QB Kurt Warner and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Sexy Rexy had his star running back in Frank Gore and TE Vernon Davis. Well if you watched that game you should know who won! Warner ended up getting one point and Fitzgerald ended up getting two points! How does a QB who plays the entire game only get one point? Cubsfan4evr had some bad luck and Sexy Rexy had a good night with Gore having a big game and getting 23 points. That was more than enough points, but Vernon Davis added nine so Sexy Rexy won 128 to 100. Now Sexy Rexy will go to the semifinals trying to upset the number one seed!

The 'Bright' One (7-6 1258pts) VS. Eagles! (7-5-1 1250pt)
The 'Bright' One was the 6th seed facing the 3rd seed and he showed him who the boss is. The 'Bright' One had Brandon Marshall score 32 points, Andre Johnson 31 points, Rob Bironas 19 points, and Buffalo’s defense of 16 points to lead a whipping of 142points to Eagles! 95. Now the The 'Bright' One also goes to the semifinals, but in the other match up, not the one Sexy Rexy is in.

Note: Both Sexy Rexy and The 'Bright' One were upset’s to win this pass week. They both managed to pull off the win though. If Sexy Rexy and The 'Bright' One win next week they will face each other in the finals! That would be a very good matchup.