Podcast Update

Want GOI on your iPod? Well now you can! I know all of you were clicking on the "Podcast" link on the top of the GOI main page to hear all of our podcasts and were extremely upset that you could not listen to our soulful and luscious voices while you were on the go.

Well fret no more baby birds, I'm here to save the day. Now you can download every single podcast GOI has ever done by typing "Game Of Inches" into the iTunes Store. Yes, I have done some messing around with our RSS feed and now instead of being limited to only 10 or so podcast to be downloaded at a time, you can now download all of them.

NOTE: TBO and I did two podcasts the other night. Our first one was gold but stupid Audicity deleted it before it could be saved. You all are lucky the second one was deleted because you now can spend an extra thirty minutes on that porn you love so much.

NOTE 2: Currently, both GOI's old podcasts and our new ones are still on iTunes. To find every single GOI podcast, after you type in "Game of Inches" into the iTunes Store, click on the podcast that has the cool black fuzzy blackground with the red "GOI" letters and not the one with the football stadium as the background. Hopefully soon, our "old" podcast feed will disappear

But more podcasts soon to come. In the meantime, catch up on all the classics you missed!