Joakim Noah Making A Name For Himself

Joakim Noah was drafted by the Chicago Bulls 9th overall in the 2007 NBA Draft. I was not a big fan of drafting him at the time because I didn't think he would be good in the NBA. My colleague TBO didn't like him for other reasons. When I looked at the Bulls centers before the season started I did like his defensive numbersin a limited role, but looked at Brad Miller for being a bigger option for the Bulls at Center. I did think Noah would have good numbers with more playing time but I did not think he would be this good.

In the two months of this NBA season Noah has stepped up to be the leader of the team. Yes, Rose is better and the best player we have, but he is on the quiet side and not that vocal leader which Noah has become on the court and off by being comical relief.

Noah has quietly put together a very good season and he is one of the few bright spots on the team. This season he is averaging a double double with 10.5 PPG and 12.40 PPG. You have often heard the Bulls and media say we need a guy like Carlos Bozer, Chirs Bosh, or Admare Stoudmire because we need a guy who can score inside and be that double double guy. Noah may not be a great offensive force, but he is a double double guy that many people keep saying the Bulls need, but no one talks that we already have one. Noah is also second in the league in rebounds behind Dwight Howard. So Noah may not make it to the NBA all star team, but he should as Dwight Howard's back up. So do your part and try to vote him in!