Meet your Blackhawks through Christmas Jingles

1:15 - Brent Seabrooke
1:40 - Joe Quinville
2:15 - Patrick Sharp
2:17 - Johnathan Toews
2:20 Dustin Byuglien
2:50 - Cam Barker
2:59 - Andrew Ladd
3:00 - Cristobal Huet
3:05 - Duncan Keith
3:50 - Brian Capbell
3:52 - Patrick Kane


Sexy Rexy said...

tee hee hee perty ladies

Although I'm pretty sure what Patrick Kane should be thankful for is lack of jail time and the short memory of hockey fans. Maybe all that hitting does have an effect on... um.. you know.. that thing

The 'Bright' One said...

I made that picture :)

You're admin privileges should be taken away until you learn how not to delete podcasts

Sexy Rexy said...

1) Im talking about the chicks in the youtube video, not ur pic.
2) I'm not having this argument via comments, but obviously it's not my fault my computer is dumb