Why Vinny Needs To Go Now

Vinny Del Negro needs to be fired now! Every day more and more reasons come out why he needs to be fired. There are many more reasons besides the fact that Vinny Del Negro is hurting the growth of this team . Vinny Del Negro is a first time coach at any level, and as we have found out over the past year and a half, he can’t coach. When Paxson hired him, it wasn’t because of him being a good coach or that he necessary even had the making of being a good coach. Paxson never directly said it, but if you listened to his reasons on why he hired Vinny and what he implied, it was because he thought Vinny Del Negro would be a good cheerleader. He thought Vinny would be good at brining everyone together and relate to the players well. He liked Vinny ideas to be a defense first minded team and his ideas for his coaching style. After coaching for a year in a half, the Bulls and Vinny have learned that his ideas are not possible, or at least not possible for Vinny to put into action.

The Bulls need to bring in a big star during the 2010 off season. No big star will want to come to Chicago and play for Vinny Del Negro. The Bulls need to bring in an experienced coach that players want to play for and that knows what he is doing to take us to the next level. Vinny Del Negro is not that person.

Over the past few weeks controversy has started to spread if Vinny will be fired. Then it recently came out that he has been fired and that the Bulls are just waiting to fine him until they find someone better. It is hard to hire a good coach in the middle of the season though. With rumors being circulated daily about the Bulls plans for their next coach, it is hard for the team to concentrate and play for Vinny when everyone knows it is only a matter of time before he is fired.

So the Bulls need to fire Vinny Del Negro and pick anyone to be the replacement. It doesn’t really matter who they pick if it is Bernie Bickerstaff, Pete Myers, or Gar Forman. I don’t think Bernie Bickerstaff or Pete Myers are good coaches or should be the coach for the long term, but they would be fine for the rest of the year. The Bulls should name one of them, or another assistant coach the interim manager and that this person will only be the coach until the end of the season. Then at that time the Bulls will have a thorough search for the next Bulls coach. This way they can move forward from the disaster Vinny Del Negro era and move forward.


Sexy Rexy said...

The entire content of this post could have been: because he is a shitty coach. Everyone knows Vinny needs to go

Sexy Rexy said...

Also, everyone knew it was a dumb idea to hire him in the first place

Cubsfan4evr said...

Everyone knows he needs to go, but some people think it doesn't matter and that he can be let go at the end of the year, that it doesn't matter. People are saying as long as they fire him at the end of the season before the free agency starts, it doesn't matter. I think it was a writer in the tribune who wrote that and then many in the media and the radio seem to agree. They say that unless you can bring in the difference maker now, it doesn’t matter to go with an interim coach for the remainder of the season. I disagree and think he needs to go now that he is hurting the team so cut him loose and name an interim coach until you find someone good. The Bulls have good pieces in Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, and Taji Gibson. So they should be able to attract a good coach.