Vinny Del Negro Stunting Growth Of The Chicago Bulls

Vinny Del Negro is hurting the Bulls by being their coach. This is why the Bulls need to fire Del Negro now and pick anyone else for the time being. Del Negro is a bad coach that is hurting the growth of this team. Last off season the Bulls decided not to re-sign Ben Gordon. By doing so they decided this would be a growing year until the 2010 free agent class. I agreed with this move. We took a few steps back this year with loosing Ben Gordon. With keeping him it would have meant we could make no other big moves and we went as far as we could have with Ben Gordon and the rest of the team the last few seasons making the playoffs and getting bounced in the first round. To go forward we need our young guys of Derrick Rose, Ta Gibson, James Johnson, Tryus Thomas, Joakim Noah, to continue to develop. Them with a super star the Bulls could be a good team. The problem is that James Johnson isn’t playing in this rebuilding year because Vinny is playing for his job. We need a coach who doesn’t care about winning this season and his job, but a coach who cares about us getting ready for the future. We also need Derrick Rose to mature into a better point guard which isn’t happening with Del Negro at the help. Lets hope a change comes sooner than later.


The 'Bright' One said...

As we have discussed, Rose is developing very nicely, under Del Negro.

This month he is averaging 20-6-4. He's also gotten to the free throw line twice as much this month compared to last.

Cubsfan4evr said...

Rose has been looking better the past month. Until the last several games he looked terrible. It seems that now he is listening to what the writers, talk show hosts, and fans said he knew do. It seems like now he is being more aggressive and taking the game into his hands like the public has been saying. I feel like it isn't Del Negro. I think it is spite Del Negro.

Rose still has a lot to learn on setting up plays and on the defensive end. I am disappointed in his ball movement at times and his lack of steals. These are things that he needs to learn and the public can't tell him like we did on being more aggressive and taking control of games.

The 'Bright' One said...

OMG! Why would a super skilled athletic freak who is infinitely better at basketball than all the white nerds who are on the radio combined listen to what anyone on the radio and media has to say? You're making stuff up!

Nobody outside the burto center knows what del negro is teaching anyone. Do you really think del negro is against being aggressive and against getting to the free throw line? And you cant just teach players things. They either have skill or they dont. Tyrus Thomas will never learn how to dribble cause thats not a skill he has. Rose will never lead the league in steals cause thats not a skill he has. And you cant just blame Vinny for anything that goes wrong.

Just different philosophies

Cubsfan4evr said...

Players can learn new things that do fit into their skill level. What we see isn't what you get with young players. They can get better.